Thursday, December 29, 2005

Holidays are Fun

As usual we were very busy during the holidays. Our annual Christmas party was 12/10. We had about 75 people, what a blast. Then on 12/15, we hosted a work Christmas party from 5-8pm. About 20-25 people from work showed up sans spouses. We hosted dinner for ALL the family (10 adults, 6 children all under 6 years) on Christmas day. To top it all off, work was crazy last week. I put in about 65 hours at work and only managed a 2 hour ride on Saturday.

Getting back into the swing of things this week with some QUALITY work. I am incorporating more structure (read: some) into my program for 2006. Here is what I have done this week so far:

12/26 - Rode trainer. 20 min warm up, then 20 min Tempo with cadence of around 80. HR around 146-150. Then one 20 sec Attack. 3 min rest then another 20 sec Attack. 7 more min of Zone 2, then 10 min cool down.

12/27 - Rode SS outside at lunch. Rode down to Univ. Circle and took Euclid Avenue to Highland to Euclid Creek. Did fast pedals down Euclid through the ghetto and did seated stomps at each traffic light from a standing start. Did a few climbs which were tough in the 42x18.

12/28 - 10 min warm up, 10 min Zone 2, then 4 x 5 min of leg tension. Cadence of around 60 with HR in low Zone 4 (153-155). Kept pedal stroke smooth and kept knees in. 6 min in between sets at Zone 2.

12/29 - 10 min warm up, then 4 x 5 mins fast pedal. Kept heart rate in Zone 3 (148-152). Kept cadence between 110-120. 3 mins between sets. Then rest of time in Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Have a Happy and Safe New Year!!

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